Dance Styles

Learn about Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba!


Salsa is probably the most known style of the three dances we teach. It is a high-energy, pretty fast and really fun partner dance whose origin, just like salsa sauce, is a mix of everything!

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Bachata music is played at almost all latin dance events along with Salsa. Both dances are 8-count dances, but Bachata is usually slower and we dance it side-to-side, rather than front-and-back. This is our go-to dance style for beginners, as the beat of the music is more readily identified and the steps are a bit easier.

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Kizomba originated in Angola and was originally a family dance a father would dance with his daughter, for example. The way it is danced in Toronto is quite different. It is a very slow and subtle dance that we recommend for couples that want to do a deep-dive into connection and body movement.

Check out our favorite Kizomba video!